Setting up a complete portfolio of services

The market research company GfK created a new division focused on Media & Entertainment clients and needed a portfolio of services to expand the expertise globally.

Building on the media expertise existing in some countries, we looked at all the products available, sector-specific or not, to identify which one we should retain or adapt to create a complete and coherent portfolio. 

PI - Creating_a_portfolio-services_PHI_STRATEGY

At a second stage, to categorise the business opportunities, we prioritised the products retained and grouped them into 3 categories: 

  • Stars:  High ease of implementation/high value to clients
  • Fireworks: High ease of implementation/mid- value to clients
  • Black holes: high value to clients but more difficult to implement, i.e. more costly in term of resources

This new portfolio received a lot of interest from many new countries and local clients. Within a year, GfK won clients in 5 new countries.

What our client says

PHI STRATEGY created new and impactful sales tools as well as content (written and visual) for use by the organisation to reach key customers and prospects. I recommend PHI STRATEGY to anyone looking for a skilled marketer that can help generate growth.

Guillermo Fernandez Global Strategic Marketing Product Director, GfK

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