Proposal management

Are you getting noticed by your potential customers? 

When writing a proposal, most companies reuse standard slides instead of seeing the needs from their client's point of view, either by lack of time or understanding. 

Does this sound familiar?

We will work closely with your team to develop a tailored winning proposal that answer your customers' needs and requests. We will free your time by managing the production so that you can focus on content creation.

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We will take the strain from you by

  • Evaluating your client's requirements and developing an approach, plan and timeline
  • Managing and coordinating the contributors
  • Understanding local and multi-cultural sensitivities
  • Ensuring a consistent tone of voice and design in proposal
  • Delivering a proposal on time and on brief
Bring your proposal to life to stand out from the competition.

Some of the work we have done for our clients

  • Created a best-in-class bid process that won €50M+ of new business 
The market research company GfK had a cumbersome process and approach for Media contract tenders. we led the transformation of the pitch capability, introducing a unified tone of voice aligned with the target audience with creative elements (video, motion graphic & professionally designed documents). This new process freed the team from the design elements, allowing them to focus on the content. 5 years later template and process are still in-use.

  • Created a compelling proposal that positioned my client as a serious contender in media research on the French market 

The French team at GfK, wanted to bid for a media project in France with the desire to position themselves as a key media expert on this new market. PHI STRATEGY coordinated the bid and the various contributors, keeping track of requirements and timeline. Ensuring a unified tone of voice throughout, we designed and produced the final proposal. We succeeded in creating a compelling proposal which led GfK to the last stage of the pitch and opened the door to bid for other key media contracts on the French market

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