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The Golden Path will bring you the sales you deserve.

Designed for B2B businesses, our Golden Path framework ensures you have the support you need to go to market. 

Using our Golden Path framework, we will work with you to balance the four key elements:


Product: Understanding its benefits and limitations to target the right clients

Communication: Adapt message and material to the situations and people you want to reach

People: They are the ones doing the actual selling and buying. Engaging with them is crucial

Experience: Learning from shared successes and hurdles will bring you the growth you want.

We will work with you to empower your product experts to prevent your products' misrepresentation. Knowledgeable and confident, they will reach out to the right clients ensuring sales growth.  

We can help you whether you have a new product or service to launch, are trying to improve your sales or expand internationally.

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What our clients say

PHI STRATEGY created new and impactful sales tools as well as content (written and visual) for use by the organisation to reach key customers and prospects. I recommend PHI STRATEGY to anyone looking for a skilled marketer that can help generate growth.

Guillermo Fernandez Global Strategic Marketing Product Director, GfK

PHI STRATEGY  helped us position and implement our new solution. Organised, professional, they delivered an excellent product on time. 

Sue Elms EVP Global Media and Digital Practice, Millward Brown

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