About me

Benedicte Philippon

Benedicte Philippon, Director 

Originally from Paris, I have been living in London for almost 20 years.

I have spent most of my career in international teams launching product and services, developing and delivering sales, marketing and training material. During this time, I have observed how adjusting the message to acknowledge people's experiences, needs, and cultural differences will have a positive impact.

I believe in sharing my knowledge to improve your business's performance quickly. I achieve this in a fun, engaging and reflective manner so that my understanding stays with you and you achieve the results you want.

My beliefs

People are at the heart of successful communication

I enjoy exploring and understanding different points of view. At PHI STRATEGY, we believe that everyone brings something different to communication, and this is what makes it so exciting and so rich. 

We will help you discover the best way to talk to your customers and colleagues. Passionate about our work and highly reliable, we will bring the “je ne sais quoi” to your project. We will be honest with you and will work with you to make things happen

Everything can be communicated in a simple manner

When I was ten years old, there was a famous quote from Nicolas Boileau on the wall of my classroom: “Whatever is well conceived is clearly said, And the words to say it flow with ease.”  I took that message to heart and believe in clarity. Big or fancy words are open to misinterpretation and misunderstandings, so I try to avoid them where possible and limit the use of technical jargon or acronyms.

If you want to communicate efficiently and effectively, the point is not to impress someone with big words but to listen to the person you are talking to and understand how to reach them.

It is all about balance

PHI, an irrational number, is called the golden number or divine ratio. It has been used through antiquities and is found in nature. Aesthetically it is used to create a perfect balance between elements and the ideal rectangle shape. 

PHI has a unique additive relationship, and it can be applied to explain the relationship between the four key elements involved in product launch or business: product, communication, people and experience.

PHI STRATEGY Golden path balance 920x586

A network of experts

We can't know everything so we have a network of copywriters, designers and communication specialists around PHI STRATEGY who share our values and can deliver to your needs.

What our clients say

Benedicte is tenacious in a nice way in order to get results.

Sue Elms EVP Global media and Digital Practice, Millward Brown

Hardworking, personable and highly organised. Benedicte is a high-performance marketer with the ability to balance creativity and strategic thinking with high-quality execution. 

Guillermo Fernandez Global Strategic Marketing Product Director, GfK

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