Product implementation

Are you missing out on potential clients?

Are your sales and marketing materials telling your clients how your products will improve their business? Or do they detail your products' features? Are you trying to reach a new market but are unsure of cultural differences?

We can help you convince more customers to buy and stay with you. Working closely with you and the right people in your organisation, on a one to one basis and in-house we will help you unlock the benefits of your products and services portfolio. Together, we will tell the compelling product story that will convince your customers and prospects to buy from you and stay with you. 

Our focus and purpose is about selling the solutions you offer that will change the day to day life of your customers. 

We will listen to your story the way you see it, and will work with you to

  • Bring your client's point of view in focus, by understanding their needs and values
  • Understand how your products will change their life
  • Speak your clients’ language, with clear message and less jargon
  • Identify cultural differences that may hinder your business growth on a new market
  • Tell a compelling product story for your customers around your existing portfolio
  • Clearly differentiate your offer
  • Bring your products to life with appealing content and designs

Are you ready to differentiate your business from your competitors?

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What our clients say

PHI STRATEGY created new and impactful sales tools as well as content (written and visual) for use by the organisation to reach key customers and prospects. I recommend PHI STRATEGY to anyone looking for a skilled marketer that can help generate growth.

Guillermo Fernandez Global Strategic Marketing Product Director, GfK

PHI STRATEGY  helped us position and implement our new solution. Organised, professional, they delivered an excellent product on time. 

Sue Elms EVP Global Media and Digital Practice, Millward Brown

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